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Contact Us

Manager Mrs Christine Nelson

Post: Whalley Abbey
The Sands
Telephone: 01254 828 400
Messages can be left out of hours and calls will be returned as soon as possible
Opening Hours:

Reception 9.00 am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Email: office@whalleyabbey.org or  Follow us on Twitter @WhalleyAbbey
Website: www.whalleyabbey.org

What's on

‘Life after Death: Living well after bereavement’
5 October 2020

‘Authentic Christian Ministry from 2 Corinthians’
15 October 2020

‘Through the Looking Glass’
9 November 2020

‘Cross-Shaped Calling’
19 November 2020

‘Waiting, waiting …’
7 December 2020

‘Hearts Ready to Greet the Lord’
17 December 2020