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Dear Friends,

Jesus said to his Disciples, 'Come apart with me and rest awhile.'

Why not respond to Jesus' invitation by making a retreat or quiet day at Whalley Abbey a pert of your plans for 2019?

The retreat house is a wonderful place to come apart and pray, set in the beautiful ruins of a Cistercian abbey, on a site made holy by the prayers of generations of monks, and yet with modern en-suite accommodation good home cooking.

We have a full and varied programme for 2019, as part of a year-long focus on making disciples for Jesus Christ. We hope that there is something for everyone. Do consider bringing a friend or a group from your parish. As well as the advertised programme, the Abbey welcomes individuals to stay and make their own retreat whenever space is available. Bookings from parish groups are warmly encouraged.

We hope that you can come!

Mark Ireland,

Archdeacon of Blackburn

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