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Residential Retreats 2019

Residential Retreats 2019

48 hours, full board £130

Mon 14th—Wed 16th January ‘At the Gate of the Year’ Led by Revd J Carmyllie

Taking the famous poem of Minnie Haskins, quoted by King George 6th in his Christmas radio broadcast of 1939, as our starting point, we reflect upon the New Year ahead of us, and the meaning of God’s oft repeated promise to walk beside us along the way.

Mon 11th—Wed 13th February  ‘Setting God’s People Free’ Led by Archdeacon Mark Ireland

How do we live as a Christian from Monday—Saturday when we are at work, at leisure or caring for our families?

The focus will be on living as a disciple of Jesus in every day life rather than in church.

Mon 11th—Wed 13th March ‘Kindle a Flame’ Led by Canon Patricia Impey

Using Charles Wesley’s hymn ‘O Thou who camest from above’, and several paintings, we shall explore what His presence amongst us means and calls forth from us as we travel through Lent. How we can ‘Kindle a flame of sacred love’?

Mon 8th—Wed 10th April—’A Passionate Faith’ Led by Archdeacon Michael Everitt

The passion of Christ, our passion for Him.

Mon 10th—Wed 12th June ‘Jesus didn't have a junk drawer’ Led by Ann Nutt

As we travel through life it is easy to accumulate ‘junk’ which can interfere in our Christian lives. Take some time to focus on Spirituality, simplicity and serenity—three divine qualities which ensured ‘Jesus didn’t have a junk drawer’

Mon 12th—Wed 14th August ‘Walking and Prayer’ Led by Archdeacon Mark Ireland

Whalley Abbey is set in a stunning location with Pendle Hill and the Ribble Valley on the doorstep. There are no mountains, but you will need to walk several miles each day as we use the beauty of God’s creation to inspire us in prayer.

Mon 9th—Wed 11th September ‘Life after Death: Living well after bereavement Led by Mandy Stanton

Losing a spouse or partner is hugely traumatic. Books and support may help with the immediate issues and           feelings—but what happens later on? On this retreat we will explore together how to choose to live fully without the     person we expected to grow old with. NB—If your bereavement is recent (less than a year) this retreat may not be helpful to you.

Mon 11th—Wed 13th November ‘Sharpening your Preaching’ Led by Bishop Philip North, Bishop of Burnley

A two night residential course for licensed clergy who want to brush up on their preaching skills in the company of others.

Mon 2nd—Wed 4th December ‘Will Jesus really return?’ Led by Rt Revd Bishop Julian Henderson,

Bishop of Blackburn

We will explore the Advent theme by looking at the teaching of Jesus in Matthew Chapters 24 & 25 about his      promised return and by considering the implications for his disciples today.


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